...Moments Fleet & time fades

I'm here to capture those fleeting moments. THE MOMENT and the moments in-between. I'm the photographer that values those memories that you truly want - the genuine laugh, the warm stream of tears, and tender hand-holding. 



I'm so humbled you stumbled upon my little corner of  the internet. I'm inspired by my clients and treasure documenting their undeniable and authentic love. I want to capture it all - the moment he sees you in your gown, holding back tears, and Great Grams getting down on the dance floor. For me getting to know you and capturing your story is the most rewarding job. 


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I want to be more than your photographer

I want to be your friend. I'm interested in getting to know you.  I want to serve you with images that show the passion you have for each other.  I'll be the third wheel cheering on your love - that love that makes your heartbeat a little faster and breathe in the moment a little longer.

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I am so grateful to have found Mackenzie. I knew the moment I saw her stunning photos that I wanted to work with her- and I’m so glad I did. Every part of the process was even better than I could have expected. The photoshoot itself was SO MUCH FUN (she had me cracking up half the time) and the photos were truly breathtaking. Thank you.

was even better than i could have expected"

"Every part of the process


Mackenzie was such a joy to work with! She really made us feel comfortable even though we felt silly at times posing.  She has such an eye for flattering poses and beautiful backgrounds. We had a really wiggly baby to work with who was up past his bedtime and she still managed to get awesome shots! I can't say enough good things about the experience.

was such a joy to work with"



Mackenzie is one of the BEST photographers we’ve ever had! We had an amazing shoot with the sunset in a field with our son and pup. She takes time to talk to you and cares about the small details. She cares about telling you to fix your hair or to put your hands a certain way so the pictures are sure to look perfect! I would recommended using Mackenzie and will definitely be using her again!

And cares about the small details"

"She takes time to talk to you


Mackenzie was simply amazing! I was blown away by the authenticity and quality of her photos! I adore every single one of the photos she took. She made the shoot fun, and even played music to help my husband and I relax. She’s very talented and I can’t recommend her enough!

the authenticity and quality of her photos"

"I was blown away by